Sergey Ponomarev,
New York Times

Faizan worked with me on assignment in London for the New York Times. As as film maker they were able to understand the visual needs of the story and met the brief with ease. I found their ideas and suggestions to be useful and their work organised and efficient.


cctv news logo.jpg

Roya Shadravan,
CCTV News Assignments Editor

I worked with Faizan at CCTV news on a regular basis. As an assignment editor we would discuss stories and ask them to file for our shows. Faizan was very pleasant to work with and an excellent story teller and many times would turn pieces and lives with very short notice and under extreme pressure. I knew that whatever the constraints – Faizan would get the job done! I would recommend Faizan to any news organization.


Siobhan Starrs
Horizons Features Department, Associated Press Television News
Faizan is a talented producer and videographer with a great eye for a story. They have an array of journalistic talents and can adapt to whatever situation they find themselves in. They are hardworking and personable and adept at building relationships. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.



YK Chan
Head of Asia, Global Media Services at Associated Press Television News

Faizan is hardworking, creative and very resourceful. They would be good for your organisation.

David Keyton

Broadcast journalist, Associated Press Television News.

I worked directly with Faizan during the London 2012 Olympics. They are a great reporter with strong visual storytelling skills and has the ability to take a seemingly common idea and turn it into something original and evocative. Working with Faizan put me at ease: you knew they would deliver a meaningful story with great footage and an intelligent edit… and always on time. Faizan is professional, intelligent, and original.

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