Mobile Journalism


I’ve accidentally stumbled into mobile journalism.

I didn’t  notice I was already doing it and I didn’t know that there was a name for it and a whole community and conference dedicated to it.

For me, it started around 2012 when I got really into Instagram while experiencing the incredible sights as I lived in Pakistan reporting on news – I’d take tonnes of pictures and share them online.

Later I used my iPhone as a voice recorder while researching my documentary and while interviewing subjects for my LGBT Pakistan story for Vice News.

Then last year as I was lamenting the cost of a new video camera to reboot my video journalism work and I started reading about Mobile Journalism. I’d always admired the quality of pictures and video on the iPhone and started to wonder if I needed to buy a new video camera for work at all.

Finally there was a deciding incident. I’d humped my regular camera kit, tripod, mic kit and lights half way across London for a not-great-paid charity gig. I seriously began to wonder if I could ‘just’ film these things on my phone.

At  this point, I had that thought that I think a lot of people have had: That’s cheating!

But why is it?  The camera quality on the iPhone as some other smartphones are broadcast standard plus if you need bells and whistles there are plenty of accessories out there.

And you do need a few. The very basics I’d suggest are  microphone & tripod but those are more for production value than to make up for any deficiencies in a smart phone camera. but more on that in another post.

A bit of online research and I discovered a vast array of MoJo accessories that allayed my main concerns about storage, sound and wobbly video so I ordered some basic bits of kit and am pleased beyond reason that most of it fits in the palm of my hand!

Here’s the full list of what I got and I’m using headphones and battery charger I already have.